Upcoming rides and events from Rapha Sydney


Here at Rapha our mission is to inspire everyone to live a life by bike.

You'll feel that same spirit on everything that we do here at RCC Sydney. 

From beginners to advanced cyclists alike, there's a ride for everyone with the Rapha Cycling Club, structured to develop you towards your cycling goals wherever you're at - supported by an extensive and experienced team of Rapha Staff and Ride Leaders.  

You'll never ride alone at Rapha Sydney.

Not yet a Member? 

Check out our Open Rides and connect with our Club Members - no membership necessary. 

Be sure to register so we know to expect you and can give you a warm welcome. 

Included in your RCC Membership is access to the many rides and events leaving from Sydney, organised through our specially-built RCC App. 

While we mix it up with our Ride Leaders on the weekends, we have set rides throughout the weekday and the year. 

Read below for an overview of our Ride Calendar, along with Frequently Asked Questions and other benefits included with an RCC Membership at the end. 


Check out our full program of popular weekly rides below:


Every Monday

6.00am - 7.00am

Join Ash and the ladies of the RCC for an hour of social paced, recovery laps in Centennial Park followed by coffee at the Greenhouse Cafe nearby. 

This is a dedicated space to ride at a conversational pace for those recovering from a big weekend of riding and for beginners new to road riding and group etiquette. 

No RCC Membership necessary - suitable for all skill levels. 



Every Monday 

6.00am - 7.20am

Enjoy a morning view of the ocean with an active recovery-paced ride. It’s a great way to start the week. We’ll roll some turns and focus on smooth and steady bunch riding down to LaPa and then across to the Containers returning via Anzac Parade for coffee at Veneziano. 

Available to RCC Members - suitable for all skill levels.


Every Monday (During Daylight Savings Only)

6.30pm - 7.30pm

Start your week off with our only after-hours ride of the week at Centennial Park, before rolling to The Noble Hops, Redfern for dinner and drinks. 

Available to RCC members - suitable for all skill levels with 3 groups.


Every Tuesday 

6.00am - 7.30am

Join our Ride Leader, Malin, for a steady paced tour of the Eastern Suburbs, taking in the views of the harbour and beaches of Double Bay, Bondi, Tamarama and Maroubra.  

Available to RCC members - suitable for intermediate riders. 


Every Wednesday

6.00am - 7.20am

Interested in joining the Rapha Cycling Club? 

Suitable for everyone from those looking to get into road cycling (flat bars welcome) to advanced fast drop rides, you'll never be far from the support of Rapha Staff and Ride Leaders.  

All groups take in the picturesque south-eastern suburb of La Perouse before returning for coffee and a catch-up at Veneziano Surry Hills.

No RCC Membership necessary - suitable for all skill levels with 6 groups. 


Every Friday

6.00am - 7.20am

Friday Hills, aka the tourist loop is the best way to start the weekend and/or get a friend to move to Sydney, featuring the iconic Eastern Suburbs bergs; Heartbreak Hill, The Gap & Bronte Beach. 

This is the perfect introduction to the hills amongst a supportive and friendly bunch - whether you'd like to give it a dig up the climbs or take it steady all the way. 

Available to RCC Members - suitable for intermediate to advanced cyclists with 3 groups. 


Every Friday

6.00am - 7.15am

Come and join us every Friday morning for a supportive and inclusive Women’s led ride.

This is a Open Ride to bring together all women/trans/non-gender-conforming riders, and supportive allies who want to take their cycling further amongst a friendly, women's led bunch. 

No RCC Membership necessary - suitable for intermediate riders. 


Every Saturday

40 - 80km

Join us for shorter, beginner-friendly loops aiming to start early, and finish early. 

Designed to ease you into riding further and further week-on-week, you'll never be far from support when you need it. 

Current Monthly Schedule:  

Lane Cove National Park (42km/662m)

North Head National Park (43km/635m)

Kurnell (80km/350m)

Bobbin Head Pilgrimage (70km/958m)

Available to RCC Members - suitable for experienced beginners and above.  


Every Saturday

100km - 120km

Our Ride Leaders know the best routes like the back of their hand. 

Every week each ride ladders up in distance and elevation until the end of the month, culminating in our Longest Ride to Wollongong and Back every quarter so you can benchmark your progress against a tried and test route. 

Current Monthly Schedule: 

Brooklyn (100km/1334m)

Bobbin Head + Akuna (103km/1350m)

Stanwell Tops (118km/1602m)

Longest Monthly Ride (Varies)

Available to RCC Members - suitable for intermediate cyclists and above. 


Save the date and join us. We continuously update this section so check back often for the latest news.


Every 3 months 

We love a special long distance ride. This 200km route is carefully organised to test intermediate cyclists under the safety and support of Rapha Staff and Ride Leaders who have done it before.

We'll keep the pace steady, remind you to eat and drink at appropriate times and keep you riding within your limits to go the distance - with plenty of train stations along the route to customise your 'Longest Ride'. 

Available to RCC Members - suitable for experienced beginners and above with 3 groups available. 


Every month

Looking to get started with road cycling and the Club? 

We run a Skills Session held at Centennial Park every month, a small informal information morning where you can meet the Club and trust the support and experience of our Ride Leaders to show you the ropes with riding in a group.  

We then roll off for a couple of practise laps, focusing on particular elements to keep you riding safe in a bunch, while away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. 

No RCC Membership required - suitable for beginners. 


A 3 Month Series.

Introducing Rapha 201 Presented by FSA - a brand new Rapha Sydney initiative of workshops to transform you from an intermediate rider who has mastered the basics into a seasoned pro.

Led by ex-professional Leo Yip, join us for a 3-part series that will leave you as an experienced rider that can handle their bike, train for progression and light up the climbs with panache.

Available to RCC Members - suitable for intermediate cyclists. 


8th September 2024

The Rapha Women's 100 challenges riders around the world to come together, share the road and ride 100 kilometres to celebrate women's cycling. 

Whether you ride alone or in a group, any effort will count and you have the entire day to go the distance.


1st December 2024

Unmarshalled and self-supported, the Rapha Prestige challenges small teams to a one-day adventure across stunning terrain and testing routes on a riding challenge unlike any other.


December 2024

500 kilometres. Eight days. 24th-31st December. The world’s favourite festive cycling challenge is back. 

Join us for even more miles and memories in our riding rite of passage.


Joining the Rapha Cycling Club opens up a world of exclusive benefits and products that help you get more from your riding.  

Here's a few that RCC Sydney Members enjoy: 


Enjoy 50% off coffees at any of our following RCC Partner Cafes:

  • York Lane, Sydney CBD
  • Coffee Supreme, Brookvale
  • Veneziano, Surry Hills (30% off coffees)
  • Tempo, Terrey Hills - (50% off batch brew coffee and 10% off all food) 


Experienced and highly trained, our Ride Leaders keep a watchful eye out to keep the bunch safe while out on the open road. 

With a particular focus on supporting Beginner to Intermediate cyclists, our Ride Leader team are friendly go-tos for everything you want to know about cycling. 


The RCCSYD WhatsApp group puts you in the middle of the local RCC conversation, keeping the community connected. 

We chat, share post-ride pictures, plan weekend rides, seek advice and much more.


The world’s most iconic club kit and an exclusive range of special edition products and collaborations. 

From now on you can ride with pride in our iconic kit, and enjoy a discounted rate across the full club collection, all year round.


Whether you're travelling to any of our other 21 Clubhouses around the world, or you're simply looking to try out a top-of-the-line carbon fibre FACTOR OSTRO VAM bike equipped with electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brakes - you’ll never be without a ride as a RCC Member. 

Available for hire at $60AUD/day. 


Whether you're fuelling for an epic longie or an event coming up on the calendar, RCCSYD Members stay stocked up with 15% off all Maurten bars and gels, PILLAR post-ride nutrition and more.  

Visit the Clubhouse with proof of membership to purchase. 


A space dedicated for the cyclist, our Clubhouse is your one stop destination for your latest Rapha gear or local knowledge. 

325 George Street (opp. Wynyard Light Rail), Sydney CBD 



We have several speeds:

  • Beginners/Social: 22-25 km/h average
  • Reco(very): 25-27km/h average
  • Inter(mediate): 28-30km/h average
  • Fast: 30-32+km/h average

Our rides are available to RCC members via the RCC app. 

For our Open rides, you can RSVP here.

Looking to try out a Club Ride?

Send us a message on @rapha_sydney and we'll give the Ride Leaders on the day the heads-up to welcome you. 

We ask that if you've joined us for more than 3 club rides you consider joining the Club in an official capacity.  

We also ask that you first take responsibility of your own fitness capabilities and determine which ride pace is suitable for you before joining. 

If you're unsure, use the chat feature to get in contact with any of the Ride Leaders on the ride. 

Absolutely not! Come dressed in whatever makes you feel and look good. 

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive Riding Calendar that is designed for progression.

So whether you're a new cyclist to the road or you've been cycling for a while and want to push it further, we have Open and Club ride options for you. 

Start with our RCC Sydney Ride Progression Chart for a full overview of how our Calendar is structured here.

If you've never ridden in a bunch before, be sure to check out our RCCSYD Ride Guidelines here

Be sure to book your spot for our next Rapha 101 Session, or join us on a Wednesday morning for a hands-on experience under the safety and support of Rapha Staff and Ride Leaders - No RCC Membership necessary. 

While our Ride Leaders are here to help you in the event of a mechanical, it is your responsibility to be as self-sufficient as possible while on the open road as spares and supplies are limited. 

  • A well-maintained bicycle 
  • Spare Tube
  • Spare Multi-tool
  • Spare Co2/Pump
  • Charged front and rear lights
  • AU/NZ certified helmet
  • Adequate Food and Drink
  • Headphones/earpieces (even if they're not playing anything) are to be removed as you are required to hear calls and warnings unobstructed 

All our official Rapha Rides are staffed by our Ride Leader team. 

You'll always have a Ride Leader navigating on/near the front, and a RL Sweep looking out for you at the back. 

Please let a Sweep know immediately if you're struggling so we can keep an eye out for you. 

If you're struggling off the back, our RLs will simply sit on your wheel behind you, protecting you from traffic behind and ensure you are safely staying within your limit. You'll never ride alone on a RCC Ride. 

There's no pressure to push yourself beyond what you're capable of at the RCC, especially when our no-drop rides will regroup at the top. 

In the event of a mechanical, raise your hand, call "Mechanical" and if possible stop in a safe place away from traffic. A Ride Leader will ensure the group is in a safe spot off the road before assisting you with any issue you may have.