Upcoming rides and events from Rapha Singapore


At Rapha, we're driven by a passion to make cycling a part of everyone's life. Our RCC Singapore chapter offers rides for all, ensuring you achieve your cycling ambitions with support from our expert staff and Ride Leaders. 

Not a member yet? Join our Open Rides—no membership is needed. Just register ahead to let us welcome you in person.

With RCC Membership, you'll gain access to exclusive rides and events in Singapore, featuring weekend specials and consistent weekday rides all year round.

Explore our Ride Calendar below for a sneak peek, alongside FAQs and the benefits of RCCSGP Membership.


Check out some of our most popular weekly rides below:


Every Monday 

5.30am - 7.00am

A true recovery-paced ride to kick off the week, with this premise: can a ride from MacRitchie Reservoir really have less than 100 m of elevation? High cadence, low watts is the name of the game.

Available to RCC Members - suitable for all skill levels.


Every Monday

530am - 7.30am

Kick off the week with a balanced ride: pace and camaraderie in focus. Spin through Singapore's central reservoirs, savoring the serene views. Opt for the scenic Bukit Timah climb - Kampung Chantek, for added adventure. We prioritize high cadence and low watts, aiming for a smooth 27-30 kph.

Available to RCC members - suitable for all skill levels


Every Tuesday 

5.20am - 7.00am

Join our "Tueswest" ride, blending fitness with friendship! Enjoy a fulfilling workout and post-ride social time. Groups of 10 maintain a steady pace and smooth rotation. End at Huggs Coffee by 7:00 am for an energetic start to your day.

Available to RCC members - suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. 


Every Wednesday

5.30am - 7.00am

Sunrise over the East Coast!

Join us for our mid-week training ride, crafted to boost your base mileage in preparation for the weekend's challenges. Our journey concludes at the iconic Golden Arches at Marine Cove, just as the sun begins to rise. Here, we'll share laughs, enjoy a coffee, and capture that legendary group photo.

Available to RCC Members - suitable for intermediate to advanced cyclists.


Every Thursday

5.30am - 7.00am

Come experience the ride at an intermediate effort, expect base pace on flats and measured effort on climbs.

Available to RCC Members - suitable for intermediate to advanced cyclists.


Every Friday

5.30am - 7.00am

A great starting ride for members new to the club or even new to cycling, Friday Social is a great way to get to know the club as we take in the road less traveled at a social pace and end off at Sarnies for coffee in the city.

If you are new to the RCC or need help finding a group to ride with, please reach out on the RCC App Chat. We will arrange to meet you at MacRitchie for the ride and an introduction to the club.

No RCC Membership necessary - suitable for all skill levels.  


Every Saturday

Saturday Medium is a slightly longer social ride aiming to be just a bit more than beginner level but not too taxing. Distances of 50-80 km with routes changing each week to keep it fresh. 

Pace is about 28 km/h (slightly faster on flats, slightly slower on hills) and will be dictated by the groups' needs and abilities. Riders are expected to communicate if they want to slow down or speed up.

Available to RCC Members - suitable for all skill levels.


Every Sunday

WTF (Weekend Training Festival) is a series of training rides on weekends for members to get a good workout ride together. The rides will involve long distances and/or high elevation gain. If you want to scream "WTF" while at your max effort or feel that your legs are almost gone during the ride, that means you are doing it right.

Available to RCC Members - suitable advanced cyclists. 


Save the date and join us. We continuously update this section so check back often for the latest news.


Friday, 19 April 2024

Join us at the Everesting Fireside Chat, as we prepare for the 2024 Everesting Challenge with insights from veterans and expert advice on nutrition and biomechanics. 

This event, in partnership with Care Corner Singapore, aims to highlight the connection between physical challenges and mental health. 


Sunday, 21 April 2024

We're journeying to Forest City in Johor, Malaysia. This ride comes to an end along the picturesque strip of shophouses, brimming with cozy cafes and traditional eateries. Conveniently located near the Woodlands Checkpoint, we warmly invite you to join us for a delightful post-ride cafe stop, should your schedule allow.


Wednesday, 1 May 2024

This event is a tribute to the iconic cobblestones and rugged terrain that define cycling's toughest tests. We're taking on Singapore's most daunting grit, cobblestones, and dirt roads, inviting cyclists of all levels to test their mettle.


Saturday, 4 May - Monday, 6 May

An exciting sportive that takes place in Melaka, the RCC has partnered together with EU Holidays to present this exclusive package to Members. 

Includes accommodation 
and round trip bus transfer.


Sunday, 19 May 2024

Gear up for the Rapha Singapore Fight for Pink Challenge, a thrilling team event inspired by Italy's iconic Grand Tour. With 20 checkpoints highlighting Singapore's toughest inclines, teams of up to 8—mandatory inclusion of at least one female rider—will navigate through strategic paths, embracing the essence of cycling camaraderie and adventure.

Open to all, this challenge starts at the Rapha Singapore Clubhouse with an early briefing before diving into the day's adventure.


Friday - Sunday, 24 - 26 May 2024

As always, RCC Escape event adheres to the three elements of "ride well, eat well, and live well," delving into the wonderful things worth experiencing in Taiwan and sharing them with you.

In May, RCC Escape Hsinchu, once again meticulously planned by the Rapha Taiwan team, will take you on a journey through the mountainous trails, allowing you to explore the playful beauty of Hsinchu with your clubmates.


Saturday, 25 May 2024

Perfect for aficionados and newcomers alike, this experience takes you behind the scenes of a local coffee roastery, where the intricate process of coffee making comes to life.

Join us as we delve into the art and science of coffee, from bean to cup. You'll have the unique opportunity to witness the roasting process, learn about the different coffee origins, and understand the subtleties that influence flavour profiles. Our coffee tasting session, guided by expert baristas, will teach you how to discern and appreciate the complex notes and aromas of various brews.


Friday, 12 July 2024

Explore the art of photography through an engaging workshop for photographers and cycling fans alike. Whether you're refining your skills or just starting, this event provides a platform to capture cycling's beauty and intensity through your lens. Led by experienced photographers, you'll learn about composition, capturing motion, and the narratives that weave through the cycling landscape.

Pack your camera and join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about photography and cycling. This workshop is not just about taking pictures; it's an opportunity to blend your interests, create stunning visuals, and share stories that echo the spirit of cycling. 


Sunday, 14 July 2024

Dive into the spirit of cycling history with the Cafe Raid Challenge starting from our clubhouse. Inspired by the tradition of Tour riders who energized at cafes mid-race, this event invites cyclists of all types—from BMX to Bromptons, road bikes to MTBs—to embark on a unique adventure. Assemble a team of up to 5, ensuring at least one female member, and tackle checkpoints across 6 Rapha Partner Cafes in Singapore, with the route revealed only on the day for an added twist.

This isn't about speed; it's about strategy, teamwork, and enjoyment, emphasizing the camaraderie of cycling. Forget the race to the finish line; every completing team enters a lucky draw for exciting Rapha prizes. Embrace a day filled with fun, discovery, and the shared joy of cycling. Register your team for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Singapore's cafe culture, all while riding in good company.


Sunday, 11 August 2024 

Starting at our clubhouse, the ride will take us on a socially paced scenic roll, perfect for discovering new roads and stretching the legs.


Friday, 13 September 2024

An exclusive art appreciation workshop designed for the cycling community and art enthusiasts alike. 

Guided by renowned artists and art historians who share a love for cycling, attendees will embark on a journey through various art forms that celebrate cycling's essence. From classical paintings to contemporary installations, this workshop will uncover the nuances of artistic expression that cycling has influenced over the years.


Saturday, 21 September 2024

The Rapha Women’s 100 challenges riders around the world to come together, share the road and ride 100 kilometres to celebrate women’s cycling.

In Singapore, we will be running a series of training rides to gear you up and help you meet some fellow riders in time for the big day.

The official Singapore Women's 100 ride will start and finish at our Rapha clubhouse.


At Rapha, we're driven by a passion to make cycling a part of everyone's life. Our RCC Singapore chapter offers rides for all, from beginners to seasoned cyclists, ensuring you achieve your cycling ambitions with support from our expert staff and Ride Leaders. 

Not a member yet? Join our Open Rides—no membership needed. Just register ahead to let us welcome you in person.

With RCC Membership, you'll gain access to exclusive rides and events in Singapore, featuring weekend specials and consistent weekday rides all year round.

Explore our Ride Calendar below for a sneak peek, alongside FAQs and the benefits of RCCSGP Membership.


Experience unparalleled access to exclusive benefits with our 40+ RCC Partners, including:

  • Sarnies
  • WKND Bikefitter
  • Atlas Coffeehouse
  • Chye Seng Huat Hardware
  • PPP Coffee


Experienced and highly trained, our Ride Leaders keep a watchful eye out to keep the bunch safe while out on the open road. 

With a particular focus on supporting Beginner to Intermediate cyclists, our Ride Leader team are friendly go-tos for everything you want to know about cycling. 


The RCCSGP Telegram group puts you in the middle of the local RCC conversation, keeping the community connected.

We chat, share post-ride pictures, plan weekend rides, seek advice and much more.


The world’s most iconic club kit and an exclusive range of special edition products and collaborations. 

From now on you can ride with pride in our iconic kit, and enjoy a discounted rate across the full club collection, all year round.


Whether you're travelling to any of our other 21 Clubhouses around the world, or you're simply looking to try out a top-of-the-line Factor Ostro VAM equipped with electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brakes - you’ll never be without a ride as an RCC Member.


Whether you're fuelling for an epic ride or an event coming up on the calendar, RCCSGP Members stay stocked up with discounts from local nutrition companies like Red Dot Running Company and Nutrition Asia Group.


A space dedicated for the cyclist, our Clubhouse is your one stop destination for your latest Rapha gear or local knowledge. 

39 Tg Pagar Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088462



We have several speeds:

  • Beginners/Social: 22-25 km/h average
  • Reco(very): 25-27km/h average
  • Inter(mediate): 28-30km/h average
  • Fast: 30-32+km/h average

Our rides are available to RCC members via the RCC app. 

For our Open rides, you can RSVP here.

Looking to try out a Club Ride?

Send us a message on @rapha_singapore and we'll give the Ride Leaders on the day the heads-up to welcome you. 

We ask that if you've joined us for more than 3 club rides you consider joining the Club in an official capacity.  

We also ask that you first take responsibility of your own fitness capabilities and determine which ride pace is suitable for you before joining. 

If you're unsure, use the chat feature to get in contact with any of the Ride Leaders on the ride. 

Absolutely not! Come dressed in whatever makes you feel and look good. 

If you've never ridden in a bunch before, be sure to check out our RCCSGP Ride Guidelines here

Be sure to book your spot for our next Rapha 101 Session, or join us on a Friday morning for a hands-on experience under the safety and support of Rapha Staff and Ride Leaders - No RCC Membership necessary. 

While our Ride Leaders are here to help you in the event of a mechanical, it is your responsibility to be as self-sufficient as possible while on the open road as spares and supplies are limited. 

  • A well-maintained bicycle 
  • Spare Tube
  • Spare Multi-tool
  • Spare Co2/Pump
  • Charged front and rear lights
  • AU/NZ certified helmet
  • Adequate Food and Drink
  • Headphones/earpieces (even if they're not playing anything) are to be removed as you are required to hear calls and warnings unobstructed 

All our official Rapha Rides are staffed by our Ride Leader team. 

You'll always have a Ride Leader navigating on/near the front, and a RL Sweep looking out for you at the back. 

Please let a Sweep know immediately if you're struggling so we can keep an eye out for you. 

If you're struggling off the back, our RLs will simply sit on your wheel behind you, protecting you from traffic behind and ensure you are safely staying within your limit. You'll never ride alone on a RCC Ride. 

There's no pressure to push yourself beyond what you're capable of at the RCC, especially when our no-drop rides will regroup at the top. 

In the event of a mechanical, raise your hand, call "Mechanical" and if possible stop in a safe place away from traffic. A Ride Leader will ensure the group is in a safe spot off the road before assisting you with any issue you may have.