Hong Kong · August 26 2023

Rapha Prestige Hong Kong

The Rapha Prestige is a self-supported and unmarshalled adventure across stunning terrain aimed to put your teamwork to the test.



The Rapha Prestige returns to Hong Kong! On Saturday 26th August 2023, teams will embark on Rapha Prestige Hong Kong, an adventure set to challenge your legs and put your teamwork to the test. The city of Hong Kong packs plenty of intricate riding challenges and obstacles to face. Forget the popular routes and rides, this Prestige will take teams through roads less ridden amongst steep, mountainous terrain surrounded by seemingly untouched nature, traversing one of the most beautiful areas of Hong Kong. Form your team of four now and book your team a spot before 23rd August 2023.




Prestige will take teams through roads less ridden amongst steep, mountainous terrain surrounded by seemingly untouched nature, traversing one of the most beautiful areas of Hong Kong



A team is no faster than its slowest member. Enter a team of four and start together, work together and stay together in order to finish.



The key ingredient needed to last the course. Rapha prestiges are unsupported and unmarshalled, so you'll need to find your limit, then push past it. You’ll never forget it, and you’ll never regret it.


Event Day Schedule




Bench Cafe

Sign On

Arrival and check in will begin at 7:00 am on 26th August at Bench Cafe, one of our RCC Partner Cafes at Tsuen Wan. 

Complimentary coffees will be available for riders, followed by a safety briefing for all riders. Teams will set off one at a time. 



Once you're out of the gate, you'll begin your ride in our designated route with the provided tracking file. Please ensure you have the route loaded into your cycling computer and be self sufficient on the road as this is an unsupported ride. You must abide with traffic rules at all times. Please also be considerate on paths or bridelways as many of them are shared use.

Expect climbs and beautiful views aplenty, with our staff waiting half way round at a control point with refreshments.



We'll welcome you back in after your ride with some food and drink. You'll be free to hang out, enjoy the atmosphere and celebrate a challenge conquered.

What's Included

What's Included


Limited edition of Rapha Prestige Caps & Musette

Pre-Ride Coffee




The ride is designed for teams of four, with at least one female rider. This sets the Rapha Prestige apart from other ride formats. The fun is choosing your teammates and the challenge is to work together and cross the finish line together.

Should your team fall short of the recommended four riders, we will work to put you into another team.

No, the ride will start at Bench Cafe, Tsuen Wan ; while ends at our Rapha Hong Kong Clubhouse at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

All registered riders will receive their route guidance, GPX files and other pertinent information two days before the event date.

All sections in the route  have been test ridden and are designed to be 28c and road bike passable. However, definitions of this may vary, and you undertake to ride any route at your own risk. Choose your equipment wisely.

Please prepare for hills. The roads in Hong Kong features long and sustained climbs as well as shorter, punchy uphill segments. You should be always prepared for double digit gradients.

Comfort is a king, and choose you should ride something which you will feel comfortable on all day.

Please contact customer service who will be able to put you in touch with the event organiser to update their records and send an event participation waiver, which all team members are required to complete.Tickets are non-refundable so please organise reimbursement directly with your teammates.

Sign on will be from 7am on the event day.

This will depend on your team, where you stop and your average speed. We would ask you to be prepared for up to ten hours on the bike.

Rapha Prestige Hong Kong

Hong Kong