Denmark · September 9 2023

Rapha Copenhagen - Open Rides

Join one of our 'open' rides this autumn to get a taste of the Rapha Cycling Club



Rapha's 'open' rides serve as the perfect gateway to our vibrant cycling community and the Rapha Cycling Club. These inclusive rides welcome riders of all skill levels and backgrounds to come together and share the joy of cycling. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just dipping your toes into the world of biking, these open rides provide a welcoming environment where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn from experienced riders, and explore beautiful routes. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience the camaraderie and support that define the Rapha Cycling Club, making it an excellent introduction for newcomers who are eager to become a part of our passionate cycling community. So, check out the rides and immerse yourself in the camaraderie and spirit of Rapha's cycling family. * Please note: All rides require familiarity with clip-in pedals. TT-bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes are not committed.

Rapha Copenhagen - Open Rides

Denmark · September 9 2023 · 1 day